What’s new in React Native 0.62

Saroj Subedi
1 min readMar 27, 2020


There are some awesome new features and support tools added in new release of React Native. Lets have a look.

  • Flipper: Flipper is a mobile app debugger. Its highly used in native android and IOS development. Now Flipper support React Native by default.
  • New Dark Features: New Appearance module has been added which provides user appearance preferences.
const colorScheme = Appearance.getColorScheme(); //dark, light
  • Upgrade tool: The community has create a new upgrade helper tool to support developers upgrading to new versions of React Native. The upgrade helper provides a diff of changes from the version you’re on to the version you’re targeting, allowing you to see the changes that need to be made for your specific upgrade. check this example.
  • LogBox: New logging features has been added. To enable this, add this line of code in index.js file.


These are main features in react native new release. There are others features too and some breaking changes. check here.



Saroj Subedi

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